Our Management Team


Alex Kyrikos, Managing Director

Momentum was established in 2007, drawing Alex’s long-term property development and contracting experience. With many decades worth of experience in the property and construction industries, Alex has held senior management roles with Australia’s leading contractors and developers before founding Momentum. Delivering complex projects through a practical approach, he facilitates communication and team work in diverse areas, from design through to value management, PCG leadership, authority approvals and contract management. With extensive development and project delivery experience across the full lifecycle of a project, he also has the ability to tackle challenging projects with a sense of logic and exceptional project management, bringing confidence and peace of mind to all.




Mark Collison, Project Director

With his widespread experience in the development and construction industries, Mark’s skills in management and project handover have seen the completion of various residential, commercial and industrial projects. With a thorough grasp on the roles of contractors, project managers and clients, Mark’s competency in identifying areas of risk and providing mitigation strategies have served him well across a broad range of projects. Prior to joining the Momentum team in 2008, Mark worked among leading property and development institutions. He also has experience as a Real Estate Agent and a licensed Builder, giving him a unique ability to understand and bring together these separate industries.




Gary Fitzhenry, Project Director

With 35 years’ development and construction experience, Gary has managed a diverse range of projects, in both the government and private sectors. His skills in stakeholder management, contract matters and construction planning are particularly invaluable to the Momentum team, enabling us to provide the most practical and cost-efficient outcome every time – no matter how complex the project. Gary has a consistent reputation for delivering projects on-time, on-budget and to the complete satisfaction of each and every client’s needs, providing peace of mind every day.




Michael Ghobrial, Project Manager

With a decade of professional experience in the development and construction industries, Michael has worked among the most reputable and renowned developers, nationwide. His in-depth experience with fit-out, various retail spaces, commercial offices and high-density residential projects have widened his knowledge and broadened Momentum’s skillset. Additionally, Michael’s solid expertise in risk management, negotiation and problem solving enable him and the entire team to better analyse and mitigate risk, ensuring every decision is made with the highest business intelligence and confidence.




Anna Soryal, Assistant Project Manager

With a Masters degree in Architecture from Cardiff University, a background in design and diverse project experience, Anna’s skills are unique and invaluable. She’s played key roles in a range of developments, from high-end age care to large-scale residential, government and luxury property refurbishments – nationally and internationally. Plus, having worked extensively with architects, developers and project managers, Anna brings complex design solutions to life though problem solving and multi-disciplinary coordination. Her avid attention to detail and specific aptitude for design in a range of sectors provide additional value to each and every project.

These senior executives are also backed by a team of highly qualified design experts, quantity surveyors and contract administrators, so you can be confident that you’re in good hands working with us.