Upcoming 180 bed Aged Care facility

  • MPG have been working on the vacant land previously occupied as a lawn bowling and recreational facility that was purchased by St Basils to develop as an age care facility.
  • The Facility will include provision for approximately 200 bed aged care facility , and ancillary services – total site area 8,305sqm
  • MPG have facilitated the negotiation of the project design & planning to meet the clients “Brief” for a new age care facility.
  • In particlar MPG have directed our project designers, Town Planners and Technical staff to meet our client’s operational requirements and to assist with the navigation through the Statutory Planning process. MPG have also worked with Community Consulation experts to ensure the public receive accurate project information and their queries & concerns are fully considered.
  • The Bexley site has required MPG to Project Manage the approvals process including application for a site rezoning under a Planning Proposal( PP) that has now received the Department of Planning “Gateway Determination” to proceed. This has also been ratified by the local Council following resolution to proceed by elected councilors . MPG are now in a position to work with Council & the department to formalize the Rezoning and arrange lodgement of the proposed DA.
  • MPG have worked concurrently on the PP & DA to ensure that the DA can be lodged and assessed as soon as the PP has been gazetted.
  • MPG have undertaken extensive review of St Basils various operational facilities and those currently being constructed. This has allowed MPG to maximize the benefits from lessons learned, prior to inclusion in the finished DA concept design.
  • For MPG to maximize the benefits to our client has required ongoing discussion with Councils planners, technical staff , General Managers, and elected Councillors.