10 years of Momentum projects

What makes a project manager stand out in a competitive property market?

With ten years’ experience as Managing Director of Momentum Projects and prior experience with Australia’s other leading contractors and developers, Alex Kyrikos is an expert in property and construction. He is well known in the industry for his practical and pragmatic approach to facilitating communication and teamwork across the full lifecycle of projects – from design, through to value management, PCG leadership, authority approvals and contract management. Here are some key insights he’s gained from ten years as an industry leader:

Q. What’s the secret to Momentum Projects’ growth over the last ten years?

Our growth has always been organic. Our success continues to stem solely from the success of our clients and their willingness to refer us to their networks. Our method has never been growth for growth’s sake alone. Instead, we always strive to go above and beyond, ensuring our existing clients achieve their goals. Momentum Projects has grown exponentially. We began by simply giving advice and eventually, developers and property owners across the board were seeking our expertise through referrals. In just ten years, the business has evolved from a few small-to-medium sized projects a year, to multiple large projects with individual development values of over $300 million.

Q. How do you deliver such a wide variety of services?

One minute, we’re standing in front of the Joint Regional Planning Panel negotiating an approval for a large-scale development. The next, we’re onsite in the coal face at the bottom of an excavation, coordinating design solutions with the builder.

Our experience has provided an extensive knowledge of the full cycle of property development and project delivery. We confidently work across a range of private property investors and multi-national developers, from retail or office fit-outs, to 500-unit, mixed-use residential developments. This provides variety to our staff, but also keeps our hands in the game on every type of development and project issue imaginable. We also actively employ staff with variety of project skillsets – from qualified architects, to quantity surveyors, builders and real estate professionals. Momentum Projects also has a NSW Builders’ License, which allows us to deliver extensive Construction Management services to our clients.

Q. What makes an exceptional project manager?

A large part of project management is execution, which means that people often see projects as black and white – fixing scope, setting budgets and deadlines, specifying outputs, defining roles and responsibilities. However, there is far more involved in good project management than just the logistics. Creativity and innovation are key to differentiating a good project manager from a great one. After all, things rarely go to plan, but it is creativity that keeps projects on the right trajectory in the face of adversity.

Communication is another large part of project management. An excellent project manager sifts through the paperwork and uses creativity to communicate what is truly important to their stakeholders, without all the endless reports and stacks of documentation.

Effective project managers also need to be good leaders. You need to be someone who can take a failing project and turn it around; someone who can steer a massive project, avoid risks, and destroy issues; someone who takes charge, but also someone who people want to follow and trust.

Creative and innovative project management is vital to the success of your project. Whatever your development need, Momentum Projects is here to help. With resources, expertise and critical alliances, we provide an all-encompassing development service – all the way from initial strategic review through to delivery. For more information about our services, contact us today.