Case Study – St Basil’s Homes, Randwick


Operating under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Church of Australia, St Basil’s provides culturally and linguistically appropriate care to several communities across Australia. ‘The Grove’, St Basil’s latest residential development in Randwick, recently opened its doors in late 2017, offering state-of-the art aged care services to Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. With architecturally-designed luxury apartments, alfresco courtyard spaces, rooftop gardens and sweeping sea views, this brand-new development provides aged care living at its finest. In designing and constructing this impressive development project, St Basil’s sought Momentum Projects’ management and coordination services all the way from construction to completion.

The client’s challenge

Building a strong community was at the heart of St Basil’s mission for designing its new residential homes. To achieve this, the organisation needed a spacious site in a lively and accessible pocket of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The site purchased for the development, ‘The Spot’ at Randwick, was perfectly located in the heart of the community, offering a unique blend of scenery, history and accessibility. However, it was also a highly sensitive site, with several constraints that rendered large areas of the building plan unusable. For example, there were numerous 100-year-old heritage listed fig trees that had to be protected. Additionally, the topography on the northern end of the site was steep, causing a range of other physical issues that limited the size of the building footprint.

The Momentum Projects Solution

Momentum Projects helped solve all these logistical issues by drawing on our project management experience and building services acumen. The outcome was a magnificent aged care facility that the Greek community can be extremely proud of. Here are just some of the ways Momentum Projects added value to the St Basil’s development:

Building and design expertise

By appointing the right team to design a taller building on a smaller footprint, we enabled St Basil’s to work around the heritage listed trees, without compromising the size or offering of the new facility. Working closely with St Basil’s operational staff to achieve their ambitions and needs, Momentum Projects also provided design management and co-ordination, along with furniture selection and procurement, which ensured the project had the best resources available.

Community management

Momentum Projects communicated and negotiated with authorities and the wider community to spread awareness about the new St Basil’s facility. We conducted extensive community and stakeholder consultation at the front end, setting up and managing the marketing and sales process in-house with St Basil’s. We also helped the new care home to integrate and communicate with the local community, long before the facility was built and operational. This allowed St Basil’s to fill out the new residential home at a faster rate.

In-house delivery

Harnessing our diverse skillset, Momentum Projects could provide much more than just project management. We also acted as the in-house delivery team across a range of development and operational requirements for this project. Some of our responsibilities included contract and acquisition, feasibility, finance and development approvals through both the local council and the JRPP. Additionally, we also provided an onsite Clerk of Works, who worked with the builder and St Basil’s staff to implement design changes and improvements during the construction phase. By being able to provide all of these services in the one place, we made the whole development and construction process much simpler for St Basil’s.

Creative and innovative project management is vital to the success of your project. Whatever your development need, Momentum Projects is here to help. With resources, expertise and critical alliances, we provide an all-encompassing development service – all the way from initial strategic review through to delivery. For more information about our services, contact us today.